Spadders in earhoals: they aint nuthin good bout it

Spadders in earhoals: they aint nuthin good bout it

The ole hillbilly was serfin roun the Innernet an come acrost thish hyar stoary bout a gal in Channa hoo got herseff a spadder in her earhole.

Now the ole hillbilly is one of the wurl’s leadin heckspurts on havvin a spadder in the earhoal. Hwa is thet, ewe mat axe. Well, hits cozzen a spadder took up resdense wunst in the ole hillbillys rat earhoal. Hit didden pay no rint, an hit didden san no leese neether. Hit jist crawled in thar an startid tuh fluttrin round. Hit warnt in thar moarn two arrs, but hit lack to drove the ole hillbilly plum crazy hwal hit wuz thair.

So let me tell ewe: Iffen ewe is thankin, Mebbe Ah will put a spadder in muh earhoal, jist doant do it. Hit aint gwineter be the plezzent spearients ewe wuz hoapin fer.