About the Ole Hillbilly

The ole hillbilly aint nuthin but a pore boy hooze dun wint an found hizzeff a-livin up in Miniapples, rat near Lake Calhoon. Ah hed hyeerd tell bowt thezhe hyar bloggers an how thay wrat bowt hwatsumevver raddles thew thair haids, an Ah rekkind Ah could mebbe shair sum of mah ignernce too.



    • Ah doant no iffen it maiks scents fer an ole boy lack me tuh mints wurds with a gal hoo goes a-strollin’ ’round with alleygaiters. Thet taiks moar nurve thin Ah kin git outten two jugs of muh speshul rokkit fule mash.

      Truth is, Ms. Gator Woman, thet this ol’ hillbilly ain’t suh pore no moar, lease wazz hwin hit comes jiss tuh dollers. But bein’ pore is a stait of mand. Muh parnts wuz sharecroppers, an Ah wuz born on a farm down in Rootwad Township, Missouri. (Ah allus haff tuh look thet up. Hits rat hard tuh spell kreckly.) Ah wint out an got me sum duhgraze, cloodin a Jay Dee. But Ah still aint nuthin’ but a ole poor boy, long ways fum hoam.

  1. Most of my family came to Indiana from many places, Kentucky, West Virginia and PA. in the early 1800’s. My g grandmother was born near the MS. River in Illinois, next to the Cahokia Mounds. So feel a strong bond to the Appalachian area people. My ancestry is Irish/Scottish and Shawnee. Love your Blog. And please call me Donna?

  2. Mornin’, Donna,

    Sum of mah foaks come out of Illinois, down further south, cloaster tuh Kayrow. Muh ma’s foaks wuz moasly Scotch-Irish. Them wuz sum bootleggers shore nuff. Muh pa’s foaks wuz moasly Ainglish, mebbe sum Welsh.

    Muh ma wuz born in thuh Ozarks, in a log cabin near Lowassie. Ats purt cloast tuh Winona.

    Hit wuz flat hwar Ah wuz born, owt cloast tuh Salcedo, west of Sikeston, Missouri. But bein’ a hillbilly is mainly a state of mand. Ah lernt it fum muh ma an her bruthers. Lack Ah sed, them wuz sum bootleggers. Muh ma soad corn likker fer um at the dantsis an sich lack.

    Iffen ewe go tuh Sikeston, yood bess say it rat. Hit’s “Saxton,” at laist as cloast as a feller kin spell it. Lack New Madrid. Hits “Noo MAD-rid.” Feller says “Nyoo Ma-DRID,” hiz likker dubbles in prass.

    Foaks hoo no me manely cawl me a durn fool an a waist of air an livin space. But ewe kin cawl me “Dan.”

  3. Dear Dan:
    Thank you for the generous and delightful sharing of your world.
    You did not mention any Native Ancestry, but am pretty sure it is there.

    • Hi, Donna,

      Well, not that I know of–but who knows? Some of my family history is unclear at best!

      I like your blog, and I’ll keep checking it out and commenting on it!

      All the best,


  4. Hey hey, that adapter I was telling you about for the Canon FD to NX came in yesterday! Here is the post I said I was going to write. I thought you’d be interested to see the results πŸ™‚

    Take Care, Rob

  5. Hi Dan, you have been so supportive of my performances that I just had to drop by and thank your personally. You always cheer me up when I read your comments and posts so please keep up the great work πŸ™‚

    Best wishes

    • Well aint ewe jist the kandest yung lady thish hyar ole hillbilly evver did hyar tell bowt. Ah allus injoy vizzitin yore blog. Yore sangin souns beddern a pack of coon hounz thet hev got thaysevves a big ole wrackcoon run up a sappress tray. An ats sayin sumpthin. Iffen ewe aint nevver hyeerd no pack of coon hounz a-hollerin, jiss come vizzit the ole hillbilly hyar in the States. Weel drank us a kwart er ten of muh rokkit fule mash (hits moar in the lan of annyfrayze caisson hits coald out in the woods), pack up the hounz in the fitty-thray flatbed Jay Em Say, an go a-huntin.

      Ah kwat sairyissly am a-hoapin ewe git tuh bay the nex big star. Hit wood be a sat, Ah’ll tell ewe. Mebbe Ah’ll liv long enuff tuh say a star with aktchul talint.

      Ah bin werkin on annuther poast er too, but Ah bin bizzy. Thaze a passel of revnooers allus a-sniffin after thuh ole hillbilly’s still.

      Wait. Ah dun spad wun. Lemme git out muh twel-gaij . . .

  6. Hi Dan,

    I am enjoying your writing. It’s a little bit challenging for me to grasp sometimes, as I am not very familiar with this writing style. Thank you for giving us a peek into the “hillbilly” world. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. πŸ™‚

    • Thank yuh, Miss Grace. Ewe iz jist too kand. Ah unnerstan thet hit’s a mat hard tuh raid muh rattin. Hittle maik bedder scents iffen ewe drank a kwart er sevvin of mash foar a-raidin hit. Thet’s moas jinrully thuh way Ah go bowt rattin it, so hit jiss maiks scents tuh raid it hwin yore purdy well drunkt up.

      Yore blog is matty fan. Ah hoap at air noo baby iz hethy an kyoot.

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