Thankin of Fishin

Thankin of Fishin

Thish hyar ole hillbilly hez bin rat bizzy laitly, hwut with bilin up an boddlin mash, not tuh menshin drankin it two. Corse, hit wooden be rat fer me tuh sell nobawdy no mash thouten me a-knowin hwether hit wuz fit fer drankin. Soze Ah moas jinrully drank a kwart er fore a day.

Ennywaze, Ah bin plannin tuh git owt an dew moar fishin. Ah dun wint an taiken a pitcher of sum of muh lerrs. Hit hepps kaip me in mand of fishin.



  1. Hi Dan, I should post some of my Granddad’s favourite sayings as he reminds me very much of you in the way that you write. He comes from an area of England famed for making Pottery during and it has a very broad dialect and accent which is very endearing. He always makes me laugh when he tells me some of the stories of his youth.

    My very best wishes

    • Thank yuh kandly, Miss Charlotte. Ah wreckin me an yore granddad kood have us a fan ole tam swoppin tails. Coarse, Ah groad up in a plaice hwar faimuss fer maikin moonshan. Me an yore granddaddy otter sit down an drank a kwart er ten of mash. Tell him haze got hizzeff a frend hyar in Miniapples. Haze wekkum hyar ennytam, hear?

      An ewe–well, Ahma lookin forrerd tuh gittin yore furst CD. Ahma gonna put it on muh staireeowe, kawl oaver sum frenz an say, Now thish hyar iz how a gal can sang iffen she noze a thang er too.

      Ah got me a dotter an a son hooze boath artists. Aint nuthin better. Ewe kaip it up. Hit maiks an ole hillbilly happy a-knowin a gal wurkin hard an sangin purdy.

    • Ah offen thank thet thangs iz a-stairin at me. Hwin at happins, Ah go taik me a swig er too of muh rokkit fule mash tuh eakwuhlazz muh blud alkiehaul kontint.

    • Thank yuh kanly fer vizzitin, Misster Snap. Ewe shore taik sum matty nass pitchers. An Ah see ewe liv down rat cloast tuh hwar they bile up sum fan ole bourbon. Coarst, thay moast jinrully pore it in a ole barl an stick it away fer ten er twell yares. Thet aint the way of thish hyar ole hillbilly. Ah wreckin iffen a jug of mash is good nuff tuh drank, a feller otter drank it, not put it in a barl.

  2. Misster Snap, ewe member, iffen ewe fand yoreseff up hyar in Miniapples, ewe look up thish hyar ole hillbilly. Ewe an me, we’ll sit an drank us a sip er twenny.

    Coarse, the same goes fer awl yawl. Ah wreckin Miss Hoather aint lackly tuh drank no hwisky with us, seein as she’s a young un. But mebbe sum day hwin she’s a big opera star, she’ll drop in an take a sip.

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