Hit maiks an ole hillbilly proud

The ole hillbilly aint poastid nuthin laitly cozzen Ah bin on sumthin kanly lack a vaykayshun down at the Hennypenny Cownty Jale. Hit lookt lack thuh ole hillbilly mat spind moar tam in the gray-bar hoatel thin jiss iggzackly soots him, but they fanly had tuh thow out the case agin me. Turnt out thaid dun drunk up all the heavy dense. Pairntly they wuz a hoal passle of poelease an lawyers and jujjiz an sichlack a-staggring roun downtown Minniapples, Sum foaks thot mebbe the Vakkins had dun wun the Sooperboal in November sumhow or tuther.

Ennywaze, thuh ole hillbilly is back out, layin in supplaz tuh maik sum moar of muh speshul rokkit fule mash. Ah wreckin they is foaks hwool preashyate it roun bout Jannwary, hwin it gits rat coald hyar.

Today, Ah red bout thezhe hyar moonshanners down south a-settin up a still in a sitty hall. Aint offen thaze good nooze lack this.

Hyars the lank:




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