Acrosst the bow of the hillbillys boat

Acrrosst the bow of the hillbillys boat

Hyars a pitcher Ah taken crosst the bow of mah liddle kayak. Hits a Native brand Angler, twelv fait long. Hits a nass liddle fishin boat. The ole hillbilly aint turned oaver not even wunst. Ah had two of muh Veritas rods out that day, long with a Field & Stream rod. Field & Stream is Dick’s store brand. A feller caint see it, but Ah had put a Abu Garcia Revo SX, second generation, on the Field & Stream rod. The reel is a lot bedder than the rod, but the rod is jist fan too.



  1. Looks like a nice set-up for your fishing trips. A kayak must be a great way to get around when fishing.

    • Thank yuh manly, Misster Munchow. HIt is a fan liddle boat. Oanliest thang rong with it, Ah caint git me but two jugs of mash in it. Seein as how thish hyar ole hillbilly moas jinrully dranks hizzeff a jug of mash an arr, that mains Ah go fishin fer no moarn bout two arrs foar Ah kummince to gittin matty thirsty.

      Ah bin thanking bout mebbe bildin me a liddle raft Ah kud toe long behand muh kayak. Ah kud lode hit up purdy well with jugs of mash. Mebbe Ah kud aiven sell sum tuh other foaks a-fishin on the laik. Ah no thet moast anglers lacks tuh drank a sip er twenny ever now an then.

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