Acrosst the bow of the hillbillys boat

Acrrosst the bow of the hillbillys boat

Hyars a pitcher Ah taken crosst the bow of mah liddle kayak. Hits a Native brand Angler, twelv fait long. Hits a nass liddle fishin boat. The ole hillbilly aint turned oaver not even wunst. Ah had two of muh Veritas rods out that day, long with a Field & Stream rod. Field & Stream is Dick’s store brand. A feller caint see it, but Ah had put a Abu Garcia Revo SX, second generation, on the Field & Stream rod. The reel is a lot bedder than the rod, but the rod is jist fan too.


Fishin reels

Fishin reels

Hyars a pitcher of the reels thets on the rods in the one pitcher. The kanly gray one is a Daiwa Saltist LW20H. Hit’s a saltwadder reel, but hit works fan fer heavy baits. The gold reel is a Tica Caiman CJ150R. Ah bot it offen eBay. Hits a awful nass reel. The last is an Okuma Citrix. Hits another nass reel. In fack, them is awl good reels.

Fishin quipmint

Fishin quipmint

Hyars a pitcher of sum of muh rods. Thay is two Abu Garcia Veritas rods an one Musky Innovations rod. The big reel is a Daiwa Saltist LW20H. The gold reel is a Tica Caiman CJ150R. An the small reel is an Okuma Citrix, left-hand retraive. Them is awl fan rods an reels.

Hit maiks an ole hillbilly proud

The ole hillbilly aint poastid nuthin laitly cozzen Ah bin on sumthin kanly lack a vaykayshun down at the Hennypenny Cownty Jale. Hit lookt lack thuh ole hillbilly mat spind moar tam in the gray-bar hoatel thin jiss iggzackly soots him, but they fanly had tuh thow out the case agin me. Turnt out thaid dun drunk up all the heavy dense. Pairntly they wuz a hoal passle of poelease an lawyers and jujjiz an sichlack a-staggring roun downtown Minniapples, Sum foaks thot mebbe the Vakkins had dun wun the Sooperboal in November sumhow or tuther.

Ennywaze, thuh ole hillbilly is back out, layin in supplaz tuh maik sum moar of muh speshul rokkit fule mash. Ah wreckin they is foaks hwool preashyate it roun bout Jannwary, hwin it gits rat coald hyar.

Today, Ah red bout thezhe hyar moonshanners down south a-settin up a still in a sitty hall. Aint offen thaze good nooze lack this.

Hyars the lank: